Our Founders

The team at The Exemption Project has over 20 years of experience in working with governments to understand their challenges and addressing them with holistic and sustainable solutions using modern data techniques. The co-founders are passionate about understanding the local nuance of a County’s exemption environment and delivering a specialized solution. The Exemption Project is both a Veteran and disabled-owned business that qualifies for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in most jurisdictions.


Tyler Masterson

Chief Customer Officer

Tyler has worked as a strategic advisor for public sector leaders in the area of data transparency, data access, and performance management movements for over a decade. He led the adoption and development of innovative data-centric solutions within Chicago, New York City, Montgomery County MD, Cook County IL, the State of Michigan, and the State of New York. Tyler holds an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois and lives in Chicago.

Joe Walsh

Chief Data Scientist

As the lead Data Scientist with the Data Science for Social Good program at the University of Chicago, Joe has overseen 20-plus projects that apply modern data science techniques. These include building early intervention systems for police departments and reducing harassment of New York City rental housing tenants. Joe holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in International Relations, American Politics, and Econometrics from the University of Alabama.

“We take a different approach to homestead auditing than the rest of the market. Our unique technology and easy-to-use software puts the focus on whatever specifics are important to our customers. We will work side-by-side with you to understand the nuances of local data, legislation, socio-economic, and political climate to deliver the best service possible for you and your taxpayers.”

- Tyler Masterson, Co-founder   

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