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 The Exemption Project 

Empowering governments to maintain always-accurate property tax rolls by identifying both unqualified and unclaimed homestead exemptions - generating new revenue and trust with TrueRoll™.
Our Mission

With focus comes expertise.  The Exemption Project brings together four core capabilities to increase your team's fraud identification capacity.

The Exemption Project is revolutionizing the homestead exemption auditing process with TrueRoll™ by empowering local governments with proprietary datasets, automation, and proactive monitoring capabilities developed for the sole purpose of identifying unqualified and unclaimed exemptions.

Proactively managing the accuracy of your tax roll lessens the burden on:

  • Local Governments that no longer have to perform a homestead audit every 3-6 years and experience lost revenue, filing liens, and upsetting or surprising citizens with large bills.

  • Citizens that misfiled paperwork, or didn't realize they were eligible for certain tax benefits.

  • Elected Officials that don't need to raise tax rates to generate new revenue for local services while focusing on fairness and equity.

The Auditing Challenge

Many counties manually audit their tens-of-thousands of parcels and rely on their customer service staff to handle the exemption hotline leads, watch rental markets and track local obituaries; an inefficient process for an already difficult job.

Until TrueRoll™, the only other way to improve the accuracy of a property tax roll was to engage an expensive homestead audit vendor who would process your data with one of the two major national data providers and deliver a list of results.  Most counties do this every 3-6 years.


Because this was the only way to keep a clean roll, these vendors charge between $300-$1,000 for each unqualified exemption, leading to contracts costing over 1/2 million dollars for a medium sized county. This directly impacts the local schools, police, parks and other services that would otherwise benefit from that revenue.

Being Proactive is Better:  An outsourced homestead audit every 3-6 years is costly, upsets citizens, and can be politically detrimental when hundreds of citizens get tax collection letters at the same time.


TrueRoll, our secure web app, aggregates data from +80 different sources and identifies the fraud candidates that require further investigation. This puts all of the aggregated and CAMA data in a single interface along with that parcel's investigation history & notes. 


TrueRoll integrates with your CAMA so it always has the latest sales and exemption data.

Our Unique Data Stack

The Exemption Project has addressed these challenges by developing the world's first data stack built specifically to identify unqualified homesteads.  This includes bringing together over +80 different data sources including data from:

  • Credit Bureaus

  • Voter Records (registration & voting precinct locations)

  • State DMVs

  • Public Utilities

  • IRS & Social Security

  • Postal Records

  • Court Records

  • Foreclosures, Vacancies

  • Social Media Sites

  • Professional Licenses, Citations, & more

As well as exclusive datasources only offered and developed by The Exemption Project including:

  • National Historical Rental Repository

  • National Deed and Exemption Repository - for dual exemptions

  • Active Duty and Veteran Repository - for unclaimed exemptions

  • Custom sources specific to your jurisdiction***

*** We've incorporated data from our customer's local rental sites, school registration, eviction records, local utilities to maximize identification outcomes

"One of the things we're most proud of is that we're the first audit solution provider that uses data to identify unclaimed exemptions - citizens that are not receiving, and may not be aware of, exemption benefits they are qualified for.  This capability ushers in a new era of equity that elected officials can proudly represent publicly."

- The Exemption Project Team

Request a Free TrueRoll™ Trial or Demonstration

Most counties monitor online rentals manually.


Rental Monitoring automates the identification of homesteaded properties that are listed for rent and notifies our users. 

We monitor hundreds of rental sites (examples shown right) and 600+ MLS networks nationwide and have hundreds-of-thousands of active and historical listings.

Sign up for a Free Trial of our Rental Monitoring service (3 months). It's a great way to validate your homesteads and get an introduction to our data and user interface.

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